The Secret Behind the Page Flip Technique

Two Flavors of Page Flip The Page Flip technique has been around for several years in Flash. However, not all implementations are equal. Usually, the premium page flip components that are sold to developers are substantially different than the free page flip tutorials you might find online. The biggest difference is in the range of motion of the page corner being flipped. Most free page flip tutorials have a fixed radius motion path instead of a wider range of motion. In other words, no matter where you drag your mouse, the page corner will stay fixed to a curve as

Best way to turn PDF to flash Flipping book free

An ideal PDF file should be a normal web page which has relevant content. All this will help you locate your document very easily over the net. It is also very important to have a PDF to flash flip book while working with PDF files. This will help you save your data.Category:Flash ArticlesAuthor: mable1025Date: May...